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TubeTamer delivers insightful analysis of your YouTube usage, empowering you to optimize your viewing habits for enhanced productivity and learning.

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About TubeTamer

TubeTamer isn't about cutting YouTube out of your life; it's about enhancing your use of this vast resource. TubeTamer's analytics will allow you to tailor your viewing to align with your aspirations. It empowers you to focus on content that truly benefits you.

  • Simple Implementation: Effortless integration, maximum convenience. As a Chrome Extension, TubeTamer can deliver real-time analytics without the need to install any cumbersome software to your machine. Enjoy an enhanced Youtube experience without a headache.

  • Privacy-First-Approach: Your data is encrypted, anonymized, and never shared with third parties. Plus, we ensure all data is deleted after 90 days for added security. Read Moreā€¦

  • Exportable Data: Easily export your TubeTamer data for deeper analysis as you look to understand and optimize your screen time and content consumption.

Unlock Insights of Your YouTube Habits

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Videos Per Day

This data will allow you to understand how often you are switching context, helping you optimize viewing sessions towards concentrated, productive consumption.

Time Spent Analysis

This metric aggregates the duration of time spent viewing content. This information will allow users to assess the depth of their sessions, encouraging focused and intentional sessions.

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Most-Watched Videos Breakdown

What is the content that is captivating you such that you repeatedly view it? This metric reveals prevailing interests and guides the user towards meaningful content.

Top Channels Dashboard

Understanding your top channels will help users groom their subscriptions, optimizing their algorithms towards the content that serves them.

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